Formulation and evaluation of a moisturizing day cream containing olive leaves extract

Al-Rimawi, F.
Yateem, H.
Afaneh, I.
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The purpose of the current work is to investigate the incorporation of olive leaves extract standardized for oleuropein which have antioxidant, anti inflammatory, skin protectant and antiaging properties into stable topical moisturizing day cream formulations. The physiochemical and rheological properties, and accelerated stability tests of three cream formulas containing different concentrations (0.1%, 0.4% and 1.0% w/w) of olive leaf extracts were assessed and compared with commercial cream product containing no olive leaf extract. A questionnaire was distributed to 100 volunteers to use the prepared creams containing olive leaf extracts and to compare with the commercial cream containing no olive leaves extract. All physical and rheological properties of the prepared formulations were found to be the same as the commercial cream product. Stability studies showed a stable homogenous appearance and effective cream during three months of storage at room temperature. Most of the volunteers are satisfied with the creams containing olive leaves extract, and have noticed significant differences between these creams and the cream containing no olive leaves extract.
Oleuropein , Olive leaves , Cream , Chemical analysis , Formulation/stability , Statistics