Environmental and Genetic Risk Factors for Pediatric Asthma in East Jerusalem / Palestine

كفايه جمعه حامد حامد
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AL-Quds University
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Pediatric asthma is a serious illness that poses tremendous stress on patients and their families alike. Unfortunately the disease's incidence is on a rise worldwide. Pediatric asthma is a chronic disease affecting the small bronchi leading to inflammation with subsequent edema and hypersecretion resulting in narrowing of the lumen demonstrated in cough, dyspnea and wheezes. Pollution, cigarette smoke, dust mite, domestic animal and extreme weather conditions are considered causative and triggering factors. Genetic factors play critical role in respiratory hypersensitivity also identified to be an important risk factor in pediatric asthma. Children are primary victims, being exposed, early on in life, to thousands of attacks of acute severe asthma and requiring hospital referral. The study aims was to identify the most prevalent environmental - genetic risk factors that affect pediatric asthma in east Jerusalem/ Palestine. The sample size consists of 300 children from East Jerusalem between 5 and 16 years old. One hundred patients represent bronchial asthma ,case and 200 with other diseases. The purposive sample is taken from four medical centers in East Jerusalem and two major medical institution ,Al- Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital and Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH). The study was approved by the scientific research committee at Al –Quds University, and a permission to conduct the study from the administration of Al- Makassed Islamic Charitable center, the Arab medical health center, the American medical center and from the Palestinian ministry of health center also along with permission from AVH and Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital was obtained The Alpha 1 Antitrypsin genotype was perform for 50% of the samples (50 case, 100 control) in addition 300 questionnaire was distributed for 300 families of children selected in the study area . Pearson chi square was used to check the association of environmental risk factors that affect pediatric asthma in east Jerusalem Palestine. Result of the study demonstrate that there is a strong association between pediatric asthma and the presence of domestic animal in home , second hand smoking, and family history of asthma is strongly related to asthma .on the other hand genetic risk factor is poorly associated with asthma among children in east Jerusalem /Palestine.
الدراسات البيئية , Environmental Studies