The Impact of Job Alienation on the Performance among Palestine Medical Complex Employees

kurdi hanani, fouad
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International Humanities Studies
The study aimed to investigate the impact of job alienation on the performance among Palestine Medical Complex (PMC) employees at Ramallah Governorate, Palestine. To achieve this end, the study adopted the quantitative research approach using the sampling survey method. A 62-item questionnaire was formulated to a random stratified sample of (90) male and female employees. The questionnaire is appropriate for the exploratory nature of the research. The collected data was statistically analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The results revealed that the participants experienced a high level of job alienation, and a moderate level of performance. The study revealed the determinant impact of job alienation on decreasing the performance for employees at Palestine Medical Complex. It was found that when job alienation increases, performance decreases and vice versa. The study recommended the need to address the causes and negative effects of alienation by improving the internal work environment, providing opportunities for employees to participate in decision-making mechanisms, and motivating them. The implications of the findings for practice were also highlighted.
Job alienation , Palestine Medical Complex , employees , performance
Kurdi, F. (2018). The Impact of Job Alienation on the Performance among Palestine Medical Complex Employees. International Humanities Studies, 5(3), 15-29.