Solar Photovoltaic Systems on Public Schools Buildings: A Case Study in Palestine

Alsamamra, Husain
Shoqeir, Jawad
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Renewable energy exploitation has proved its promising characteristics in sustainably securing energy needs. This work is a comprehensive assessment of the potential of renewable penetration in securing electricity needs in Palestine. Methods of assessment have been determined based on solar potential. Al-Dahriya secondary school in the south Hebron directorate of education was used as a case study, where these building have low working hours all over the year, which will increase the total income of the annual solar energy. AutoCad software simulation program was used to draw the rooftop of the school. The powerful HOMER ProR software was used for the simulation processes of the PV system and its requirements. Results showed that, the rooftop could accommodate 144 panels, with 57.16 KW. This system will produce 92,866 KWh every year, which could be an input of 5.12% of the total annual power consumption in Palestine if this system installed on every school in Palestine, which are in total 3074 schools. Due to the number of working hours and low energy consumption in schools, the payback period of the project will be 4.38 years. The income of the surplus when installing such project on all schools in Palestine will be around 43 million USD to the Palestinian Treasury every year after the payback period.
Solar Energy , PV Panels , Power Consumption , Energy Security , Palestine