Efficient Implementation of DILH hash Algorithm in 8-bit Microcontroller

Hamamreh, Rushdi
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Hash function is the foundation of digital signature and message authentication for the assurance of data integrity due to its collision-free and one-way properties. To receive correct data that sent as a plaintext between a remote terminal units through wired network or a wireless networks. Remote terminal unit is a device that responsible for retrieving occur data. In this paper, we describe the addition of the function signature, with the purpose of data integrity for terminal units. We use a programmable unit (Microcontroller) to implement DILH technique for one way hash algorithm. The Hill cipher requires the inverse of the matrix to recover the plaintext from cipher text. In the remote terminal unit developments DILH based on Hill cipher for generating only non invertible matrix to assure the accuracy of transmission data [1][12]. The result of this research implemented in an 8-bit microcontroller with 100% accuracy , data input using keypad matrix 4x4, DILH hash output is displayed on the LCD graphics 20x4 and can only enter data input capital letters only.
Hash function , Data integrity , DILH , information security , Networks , Microcontroller , Arduino kit