Mind Alertness of Academic Staff In Al-Quds University

Abukhayran, Ashraf Moh'd
Arman, Ibrahim Moh’d
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The study aimed at identifying the degree of Mind Alertness among Academic Staff at Al-Quds University. The study population consisted of (290). The researchers chose a stratified sample of (86) teacher, which represent (30%). To achieve the study's objective, the researchers prepared a Questionnaire and made validity and reliability with value 0.88. The result showed that the degree of Mind Alertness among the staff was high, furthermore, the results Indicated no Significance differences due to variable college and experience. Still, there were differences related to variable rank. Based on the results, the researchers recommend conducting studies with other variables, and conducting studies looking at the relationship between Mind Alertness and other topics such as teaching competence, career affiliation, and achievement motivation for faculty members, as well as conducting studies that compare the degree of Mind Alertness between academic staff in various Palestinian universities.
Mind , Alertness , Staff , Al-Quds University