The Effect of Internet Use in the Psychological Health for University Students

Qtait, Mohammad
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Internet today is the most recent and important human technology, which is widely used, and its users are increasing. It is a phenomenon, which still has its primary attractiveness. This study examines the effect of Internet use and mental health in university student, and advantage and disadvantage of internet use, among 350 students at four university. The sample take randomly s from four universities in second year student. Study design: Our study is cross – sectional using quantitative approach. We distributed 350 questionnaires for students at (Hebron &Polytechnic& Bethlehem, al-Quds university) universities. Analysis: Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS, v 21). The result Gender, It found 57.2% of participant's female and 42.8 % male. Marital status, it is found 93% single, 5.7 % married and this due the participant's university student and its young. Place Palestine live in different place 52.1% live in village, and 42.5% city, and 4.8% camps. Monthly income, it’s found 48% the monthly income less than 3000 s and, 20% monthly income 3000-4500s, 22.6% monthly income more than 4500s. 90% from student the internet is advantage, 59% from student have a disadvantage for internet, there were no statistically significant differences at the level of (≤0.05) to use the Internet attributed to gender, income, place, use of internet. In addition, have relationship between use of internet and academic achievements. The recommendation for universities to define a positive and negative effect of the Internet. Further study about use the Internet and relation to psych health student, encourage the student to use internet safety.