The Islamic Ruling on Looking at One’s Fiancee Via Social Media

Assaf, Mohammed Motlaq
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This research addresses the subject of the Islamic ruling of the engaged couple looking at each other via social media. It aims to show that anything that the engaged couple shall not see from each other in the actual meeting, shall not also see during a video call via social media as it opens up a room for aphrodisiac and seduction between a man and a woman. The research also addresses the legality of the engaged couples seeing each other for the purpose of engagement. The research reached results: including that in case the engaged couple couldn't see each other in a real meeting, they are allowed to see each other via video calls but according to certain terms. Some of which are that the guardian of the fiancée should supervise these video calls and that the numbers and duration of video calls should be limited to the purpose of the engagement. Among the recommendations of the research: Parents are recommended to supervise sons and daughters, and watch their video calls, and not allow them to turn on the in video calls with non-mahrams, as well as not to allow girls to put their picture on social media, or in any place that exposes her to others' view.
Islamic Jurisprudence , seeing , engagement , prohibition and Permissibility , Personal status