Determining the Impact of the ASP Health Club’s Nutrition Initiative Awareness Campaign on Elementary Students’ Eating Habits

Tawil, Omar
Khatib, Hala
Hijjeh, Noor
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
Recent modernization is day by day dominating our life more than ever before. That modernization impacts a lot of aspects, and one of the most crucial aspects is human nutrition. It impacts all ages; however, specifically, those in third grade through fifth grade. The purpose of this study was to measure the effectiveness and impact of the ASP Heart Health Club awareness campaigns on the students’ daily eating habits that are affected by modern-day nutrition styles and to know the extent to which those little ones may be at risk and help them. We collected information including: weight, height, and BMI from approximately two hundred third through fifth graders of both genders along with a survey containing questions regarding their daily eating habits. The questions were about the number of fruits eaten in a day, and whether or not junk food was eaten also. The data was collected, recorded and analyzed thrice using a clinical chart to allot the results precisely. The data was processed for the presence of outliers, which were statistically removed. Based on the data collected, we found a slight increase the number of fruits and vegetables eaten on a daily basis, but no significant reduction in the amount of junk food eaten by the students. According to similar studies, these types of campaigns that aim to provide healthier food alternatives for kids have succeeded almost everywhere especially because those grades are the ones mostly at risk to develop unhealthy eating habits. We believe that longer study duration and a more effective campaign program may lead to better awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and making better nutritional choices.