Gamification of Agile Project Management for Software Development Projects and Tasks

Areej Ibrahim Salman Aldaghamin
اريج ابراهيم سلمان الدغامين
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Al-Quds University
This thesis focuses on the enhancement of team members’ performance working in Agile software projects. Agile projects are complex, contain rapid changes, and require less documentation. These projects depend upon team performance and evaluating it. Gamification is a tool used to motivate users to behave as desired, which can be merged ideally with software development. The approach of this research is to gamify project management systems of Agile software development to ensure high performance of team members while recognizing individuals’ differences, and to encourage each team member to work towards a common goal. A proposed prototype was created by combining gamification elements to a task management system in software projects, particularly for the development tasks to study their impact on the team members’ performance. The implications of embedding gamification in the work environment were also studied. Its application was examined as an added value to the management and development of teams of software projects in IT companies. This was achieved through a six-step approach to gamify software development tasks that include presenting, applying, and reflecting on its advantages from the perspective of both management and employees. This research presents test case results. The tests were performed with a group of twenty developers, they were interviewed after completing usability testing in the context of gamification. The results presented not only support how gamification shows an increase in the developers' performance and productivity but also display its benefits on the management team evaluation.