Remote Smart Grid Lab

Mays’a Fahmi Ahmad Abushams
ميساء فهمي احمد ابوشمس
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Al-Quds University
Getting to access remote facilities anywhere is a new way for teaching and learning. New technology that can help achieving many goals in the research field, it stands up against the impossibility to access labs over the world. This provide a practical approach for limited budget research institutions to provide cost effective research facilities. Online remote lab is a new technology in the learning arena. It can be said that it is the first step in developing the research labs to become accessible worldwide. This thesis aims to make labs remotely accessible for students and researchers even in the developed countries. Through the Internet, it became easy for researches to access the needed facilities for their research. This thesis works on converting smart grid labs by using Raspberry Pi B+ 3 board to become online labs that can be operated from any location. By using JSON programming language and an online website to connect the modules with each other for the chosen experiment, and then observe the results in SCADA. By this way any student at any time can use the lab to implement their experiments and obtaining the results. In the end of establishing a Remote lab using Raspberry Pi B+ 3 board and relay modules, connect them with each other and the lab module, so the user can execute the connection through the web site, and the module will connected to each other according to experiment procedure, each input will be connected to each output through Raspberry Pi B+ 3 board and using the right code to v execute that, solar panel experiment has been chosen for its importance to research area, the experiment has been connected, the SCADA showed the result remotely, through Internet connection. A complete experiment has been connected online remotely with all its components and the result showed remotely also, with minimum hardware and cost.