Palestinian Prisoners and the Right to Health the Israeli Systematic Violations Against the Right to Health

Mizher, Yazan
Terris, Daniel
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
The idea of this research came as a result of the increasing number of health problems among the Palestinian prisoners, and as a result of the Israeli attempts in legitimizing the grave violations against Palestinian prisoners, since the Israeli government passed and ratified many laws that directly violate Palestinian prisoners' rights, and especially the right to health. This research aims to show the responsibility of Israel under international law, and how it tries to remove the legal status of the Palestinian prisoners. This project adopted both quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct the research since they complement each other for the various aspects of this research. In the qualitative approach, reports and international treaties will be used. As for quantitative, statistics and surveys from Addameer will be used. These surveys are filled by prisoners during the lawyers’ first visits, and they include direct specific questions about the ill-treatment, and torture that they might have/ might have not experienced. The methodological approach of this project includes: - 1) Analysis of the primary documents. 2) Primary source: Such as reports published by organizations and institutions. The reports would act as a database for the research, for they include statistics, laws, procedures, etc. 3) Analysis of the secondary sources: The secondary sources used in this research are books, journals, reports, and articles. 4) Interviews: The interviews will be held with former prisoners who have been detained in Israeli prisons, and with people who have experience with the mechanisms that Israel uses in the lawmaking process. This research is expected to conclude that Palestinian prisoners' right to health is deliberately violated by the prison administration and the Israeli judicial system. Also, it's expected that this research will explore how the judicial system in Israel deals with the grave violations of prisoners' right to health. The hypothesis of this research is trying to prove how the Israeli military and judicial system are biased and do not comply with the international treaties and agreements that Israel has signed and ratified. The significance of this research is to show how Palestinian prisoners' right to health is systematically violated, and what are the methods that Israel uses in its violation. The most challenging part of this research is to prove that Israeli violations are systematic.