Human Rights and International Law

Far'oun, Batool
Al-Shamali, Ru's
Tarteer, Safia
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The declaration of the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 to divide Palestine into two Arab and Jewish states had its tragic effects as it inflicted injustice on the Palestinian people and caused suffering to the Palestinian families, especially children, in order for the Zionist movement to carry out its brutal actions against the Palestinian people, which represent massacres, killings against them and displacement of the Palestinian people to neighboring countries to fall under the war crimes, the war against humanity and ethnic cleansing. After that date, Israel occupied the Arab lands in 1967 and the occupation authorities confiscated and exempted Palestinian political and civil rights and economic and social, foremost of which is their right to self-determination, the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the denial of the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, which led to the multiplication of the suffering of the Palestinian people. Israel continued to suppress the Palestinian people, and this is what happened in its last peaceful uprising, where it suppressed demonstrators and committed killings and violence. It reaches the level of war crimes against the Palestinians, such as willful killing, assassinations, bombing of homes and houses, and the Israeli occupation authorities also follow the policy of imposing a siege on Palestinian cities, villages, and camps to cut them off and isolate them from each other, which caused the uncle to not reach for their places of work and students for their schools, which paralyzed the movement of Palestinians within Palestinian cities. (United Nations). Objective: This study aims to know the rules of international law for children during wars and armed conflicts in time of war and to know who is responsible for protecting children in light of these conflicts and whether adequate protection is available for the Palestinian child under the Israeli occupation and to know the violations of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian child in the occupied Palestinian territories. Scope of the study: This study was conducted specifically on the Palestinian child and his assumed rights under international law and international human rights conventions in Palestine and many interviews were conducted with people in the towns of Al-Eizariya and Abu-Dis about the situation of the Palestinian child and the results of the interview questions were almost identical is that the Palestinian child is a persecuted child practiced against him in the harshest types Torture, oppression and deprivation by the Israeli occupation is prohibited from playing, teaching, expressing opinion, traveling, and other rights that the children of the world enjoy. Significant of the study: This study will show the rights of the Palestinian child in light of international law and human rights conventions, including the conventions of the rights of the child. It will also show that the Palestinian child is a child deprived of these rights on his land and country due to the Israeli occupation practices that affected people, trees and stone. This study can also help The Palestinian child is entitled to some of his rights, when the whole world knows that he is a persecuted child deprived of his rights, then these countries can demand that Israel guarantee the right of the Palestinian child to a fair life on his land and country.