Compliance of dental staff with infection control practices in primary health care centers in Gaza strip

Jaser, Sondos
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
One of the most important issues of dental care staff is to take in consideration the safety conditions during practice. This has a direct impact on the health of patients and staff in dental clinics. The aim of the current study is to assess the level of Compliance of dental staff with infection control practices in primary health care centers in Gaza strip. A survey for observing 100 dentists working in the all dental clinics of primary health care in the five governorates of Gaza trip will be conducted by well-trained personnel on using a checklist related to routine safety procedures. According to the reports and the data base of Ministry of Health, the target population of the study will be 100 dentists. The checklist will include items about infection control measures related to dentist practice, availability of equipment, instruments and materials necessary for infection control, and the infrastructure level of clinic environment suitable for infection control, also the socio-demographic information of dentists will be included in the checklist. Data will be statistically be processed by the SPSS program to describe the level of compliance of dentist by presenting in the form of frequency tables and graphs; in addition, t-tests and ANOVA at significant level (α =0.05) will be used to compare the difference in the level of compliance of infection control according to gender, age, years of experience and qualification of dentists and according to region, type and the condition of clinics. The results and recommendations of the current study may help the dental staff and the decision makers in the Ministry of health in Palestine to carry out policies, measures and interventions that help in controlling and preventing the potential transmission of occupational and nosocomial infections among dental personnel and their patients.