Dynamic User-Oriented Role Based Access Control Model (DUO-RBAC)

Kiwan, Hazem
Jayousi, Rashid
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Most researchers use role mining to generate role-based access con- trol model from the existing user-permission assignments. User-oriented role- based access control model is a type of role-based access control model, which aims to use role mining from an end-user perspective to generate an RBAC model. This research is the first for generating a dynamic user-oriented role- based access control model for inserting a new user-permission assignments to the existing model re-generating roles, with a constraint that there are no changes in the number of role assignments for each user in the system after the insertion process, since the user will be conflicted if he has different number of roles from time to time. Also, we have developed a new algorithm, which based on user-oriented role mining to find the way to insert the new U P A to the existing model. Our experiments applied on benchmark "Access Control" real datasets to evaluate the results.
Dynamic User-Oriented Role Based Access Control Model (DUO-RBAC) Hazem Kiwan, Rashid Jayousi In EDA 2018, vol. RNTI-B-14, pp.281-290