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The Role Of The Israeli Press In Establishing Political Division Through Translated Articles In Palestinian Newspapers

dc.contributor.advisorنشأت الأقطش
dc.contributor.authorنهال سمير اسحق الشنتيرar
dc.contributor.authorNihal Sameer Ishaq ALshantiren
dc.description.abstractThis study dealt with Palestinian daily newspapers which republish translated articles from Israeli newspapers. Palestine and Al-Ayyam newspapers are chosen as the study sample. The study is limited to published articles related to Palestinian territories in the two Palestinian newspapers used in this study and translated from Israeli newspapers during the period from the beginning of June 2007 till the end of August 2007. The material translated is limited to newspaper material subjects related to the political division. The study is aimed at identifying the role of written Israeli media in tampering with the Palestinian public opinion through translated articles and press materials in Israeli newspapers. It also aimed at revealing the nature of the Israeli media attitude during the political division period. Based on the above aims, the research carried several justifications to conduct this study and most importantly: The contribution of our Palestinian press in spreading the Israeli ideas with or without intention. Guarantee the continuity of the political division and elevating complications alongside with it that had an adverse effect on peoples’ life first and on the overall Palestinian cause second. The irresponsible and uneducated transcription by Palestinian newspapers of the translated articles due to parties’ domination and control over what is published in them. To achieve the aims of this research, a questionnaire was prepared to collect information, and an interviewing form was used, both handed over to the editors of the two newspapers involved in this research. This study adopted the quantitative and qualitative content analysis approach. After applying the research instruments, the most outstanding results were: 40% of the translated articles related the reason of the division to Israel where they considered the division an Israeli goodwill with 74%. On the psychological effect part of the translated articles 60% of the sample articles reinforced the indifferences among Palestinian parties, where 86% of these translated and published subjects increased aggravation among Palestinians. The translated material tried to administer the psychological war during the post-division period in the intention to have an affect on mentalities and psycho-states of Palestinian individuals. The translated subjects and articles used in the study sample showed the skill and experience in the word war, where specific words and terms were used to serve their purpose to lengthen and alleviate the division. The study recommended that it is necessary to have detailed monitoring and follow-up on all published material and articles in the Israeli newspapers that are translated and republished in the Palestinian newspapers, especially in relation to current Palestinian conditions, with great attention and caution on that not all what is published by Israeli newspapers is true, therefore, questioning every part of it. The study went to the conclusion (recommends) that it is necessary also to acquire media expertise with wide experience in Israeli media and conduct professional courses to develop the human resource in the Palestinian media and press.en
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectالدراسات الاقليميةar
dc.subjectRegional Studiesen
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleدور الصحافة الإسرائيلة في تعزيز الانقسام من خلال الموضوعات المترجمة فيس الصحف الفلسطينيةar
dc.titleThe Role Of The Israeli Press In Establishing Political Division Through Translated Articles In Palestinian Newspapersen
dc.contributor.examinerعبد الكريم سرحان
dc.contributor.examinerعاطف سلامة

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