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Con Requisition Expository Techniques in Juz Yaseen Qualitative Analytical Study

dc.contributor.advisorحسين الدراويش
dc.contributor.authorرهام محمود محمد حمدانar
dc.contributor.authorriham mahmoud mohammad hamdanen
dc.description.abstractThe aim of this study, Requisition Expository Techniques in Juz’ Yaseen in the Qur’an, is to investigate and clarify the rhetorical connotations of those techniques. The study comprises an introduction, preface, four chapters and a conclusion, as well as a content page and three appendices. The preface has tackled the topics of predication and syntax in Arabic. In chapter one, the study has also explored the imperative technique in this Juz’ in terms of definition, structure, significance, and the rhetorical meanings of this technique within the same Juz’. In chapter two the researcher has also attempted to analyze the interrogation technique in this Juz’ following the same method adopted in chapter one. In chapter three the researcher has tackled the other requisition expository techniques in that juz’. In chapter four, the researcher has tried to specify the major rhetorical deduced meanings in that Juz’. They were categorized in almost twenty rhetorical meanings derived from those requisition expository techniques in the same Juz’. The researcher has also analyzed the metaphorical references of those techniques. The conclusion has displayed the most important findings and recommendations of this study.en
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectاللغة العربية وآدابهاar
dc.subjectArabic Language & literatureen
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleالأساليب الإنشائية الطلبية في جزء يس في القرآن الكريم دراسة تحليلية دلاليةar
dc.titleCon Requisition Expository Techniques in Juz Yaseen Qualitative Analytical Studyen
dc.contributor.examinerد. أحمد داود دعمس
dc.contributor.examinerعمر مسلم

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