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Al- Nour sourah in declaration analysis

dc.contributor.advisorياسر الملاح
dc.contributor.authorسونيا محمد رزق أبو رعيةar
dc.contributor.authorSunia Muhammed Riziq Abu-Ruaiaen
dc.description.abstractThis research detects on perusal Al – nour sourah in declaration analysis , so it comes for this study by talking about Al –nour sourah , about its descent , virtue , it's relations with others and about it's descent's reasons . And this study concludes that it is one of the civilian sourah , which comes detailed for judgments that comes in other prior sourah , so it come . This study comes in three entries : the first entry deal with legislate for Islamic judgments that preserve the Islamic community from the corruptions , the semantic in Al – nour sourah and it comes distributed for three sections : The first section : informal statements subject , and this kind deals with five subsections : affirmation , definition , mimicry , presentment and retardation , reference and ellipsis and finally the retraction . This study has tow sections : the first one is theoretical , which mentioned the indentifying all subjects and its eloquence singnificant , and the second one : the application , which includes statistics for each subject in Al nour sourah and its eloquence effects . So we depended statistical analysis research . Then the second part comes studying the composition statement research with its tow branches , demand and in demand , we follow a descriptive statistical analysis , exposed for all subjects with its different branches . Then the third section came retract on connection and in connection between the shared subjects of the informal and compositional statements , due to its eloquence meanings , and this study came onto tow parts , theoretical and application . And follow with the second entry investigating declaration science in the same sourah , and it divided into four parts. The first part deals with simile ; meanings , significant , parts and its types , then follow the application . The second part , deals with metaphor in Al – nour sourah with the tow kind's mentality and missive . so the study came theoretically and application . depending on descriptive statistical Analysis . The third part , deals with allegory in Al – nour sourah focusing on meaning , and application distributed on its three types : declaration , nickname and scence . ح‌ The second part concluded with the nickname in Al – nour sourah , its types , its patterns then the application depending on descriptive Statistical Analysis . Then the third part deal with the lulu philanthropist in Al – sourah , and came in two part : chapter one talked about the intangibleness lulu amelioration , and it specially talked about ten sections which are : Antonym , counter , pun , explanative recommendation and ensure the laudation like the vilifying and its opposite , wisdom method , the opposite , précis and the diffusion . The next chapter talked about the verbal lulu amelioration . It is excusive on six sections which are : Alliteration , assonance rhme , repeat the same word in the first and second parts , and repeat tow or more letters and the comparison stabilization . This study showed the eloquence beautiness in Al – nour sourah , and its great effects in Muslim behavior and life , and show the linkage between the eloquence and Islamic statute or legislation . So the eloquence add attractive style to the speech . This study summarized the relation between the rhetoric and the core of Al- nour sourah ; because it came to add pureness on the Muslim community . This pureness need to be fixed or steady in hearts and ears and to direct the minds and that doesn’t occure unless there is a semantic sections . According to" Al bayan "science you can find the eleoquence words that make Al – nour sourah special according to its name . Al bayan can conserve the propriety .for example , the bashfulness or shyness clear Al knayah and the approachment clear in the allegory and the easiness done in the metaphor . According to lulu you can find in it the great eleoquence meaning that bedazzle the hearts and mind . The meaning and the words are connected with each other like one body bodying and import . The chastity , preaching , heralding and the laudation from one side and the deterrence ugliness, vilifying , dreadness from another side . The miraculous eleoquence is clear in Al – nour sourah , so the eleoquence meanings from Al nour make the evidence on everyone who try to deface our holy religion and stop who ever try to be arrogant on it , so they cant write or say one word like it . The legislation and statute that is shown in Al nour sourah effect the Muslim's life in aperiod that they need the safety and arrangement , so this sourah is one of others that we need to continue stading it to find what is hidden in it .en
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectاللغة العربية وآدابهاar
dc.subjectArabic Language & literatureen
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleسورة النور دراسة بيانية تحليليةar
dc.titleAl- Nour sourah in declaration analysisen
dc.contributor.examinerد.حسين دراويش
dc.contributor.examinerد. حسن السلوادي

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