Ya Quds! Academic Cultural News Letter, Issue No. 2

Bollens, Scott
Dumper, Michael
Abu Assab, Nour
Telhami, Shibley
Sleem, Amoun
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Center for Jerusalem Studies, Al-Quds University
Greetings and a warm welcome to the second issue of Ya Quds!. Ya Quds! received many good words of encouragement following the first issue. We thank all those who have expressed their views and shared their suggestions. After all, it is you, our readers, whom we care about, so your comments and suggestions are very important to us. We hope that Ya Quds! will continue to offer valuable information and stimulate productive discussion about the city of Jerusalem. In this issue, as in the first, we did not seek to focus on a particular theme but have rather left it to the individual authors to select themes of interest and importance to them. All the articles are different, yet all are united by the word “Al-Quds.” Ya Quds! is written about and for Jerusalem and its inhabitants, the stories and articles help to deconstruct the complex mystery and charm of this city. What you will find in the following pages is a collection of ten articles, five in Arabic and five in English, written by academics and researchers whose contributions we are honoured to have in Ya Quds! . The five articles in English reflect various perspectives: historical ( The Fatimids in Jerusalem ), social ( The Gypsies of Jerusalem ), political ( Mussala al-Marwani: An unrecognised Palestinian triumph? ; and On the 16th Anniversary of the Camp David Negotiations ), and urban planning ( Urban Spatial Changes during Political Uncertainty ). There are so many topics about Jerusalem on which we have yet to hear, so take hold of your pens and add your voices. We hereby send out a call for articles for the third issue of Ya Quds! . Articles may be in Arabic or English and should not exceed 1200 words. The deadline for submission is December 12, 2016. We look forward to your contributions. The Centre for Jerusalem Studies team is also working hard to prepare for the upcoming conference on Production of Inequalities: Realities and Prospects for Change in Jerusalem, to be held on December 3–5 in Jerusalem and Abu Dis. We take this opportunity to invite all those interested in the topic to join us for this event.
Jerusalem , Newsletter , Urban Spatial Changes , Political Uncertainty , Mussala al-Marwani , Palestinian Triumph , Fāṭimids , Camp David Negotiations , Gypsies of Jerusalem