An Aggregate Scalable Scheme for Expanding the Crossbar Switch Network; Design and Performance Analysis

أحلام محمد درويش قريع
Ahlam Mohammed Darwish Qrie
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AL-Quds University
جامعة القدس
New computer network topology, called Penta-S, is simulated. This network is built of cross bar switch modules. Each module connects 32 computer nodes. Each node has two ports, one connects the node to the crossbar switch module and the other connects the node to a correspondent client node in another module through a shuffle link. The performance of this network is simulated under various network sizes, packet lengths and loads. The results are compared with those obtained from Macramé project for Clos multistage interconnection network and 2D-Grid network. The throughput of Penta-S falls between the throughput of Clos and the throughput of 2D-Grid networks. The maximum throughput of Penta-S was obtained at packet length of 128 bytes. Also the throughput grows linearly with the network size. On the opposite of Clos and 2D-Grid networks, the per-node throughput of Penta-S improves as the network size grows. The per-packet latency proved to be better than that of Clos network for large packet lengths and high loads. Also the packet latency proved to be nearly constant against various loads. The cost-efficiency of Penta-S proved to be better than those of 2D-Grid and Clos networks for large number of nodes (>200 nodes in the case of 2D-Grid and >350 nodes in the case of Clos).On the opposite of other networks, the cost-efficiency of Penta-S grows as its size grows. So this topology suits large networks and high traffic loads.
علم الحاسوب , Computer Science