Master In Health Informatics (Heal+)

This HEAL+ project aims to develop a curriculum for master program in Health informatics implemented in the MENA region in three partner countries during project period that will enable graduates employ information technology in the health care organization and towards fulfilling the medical market and health demands and challenges.

One major outcomes of HEAL+ are the development of an MSc program in Health Informatics (HI), and a set of professional training modules. The curriculum, taught courses, and training modules are to be developed jointly by the project consortium. The program will be deployed in the six universities in partner countries. This program should contribute towards the enhancement of the needed human capacity, and advance the social and economic development in partner countries. Graduates of the MSc program and Professionals enrolled in the training modules should have high potential to establish new small businesses (SMEs) and have better chances of employment in the health sector.


Recent Submissions

Project number: 561818-EPP1-ES--EPPKA2-JP.-CBHE

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.