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    Plantscape Application Built by a Palestinian Student of Pharmaceutical Data for Palestinian Plants
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Alaa Hasan Eid; Qusai Salama; Ibrahim Samahin; Rania Ghanim
    Background: A group of particular plants of Palestine were supplied with information to generate a database for the program, which is concerned with photo entry, then the app detects the particular plant from the database and informs user with its pharmaceutical information. The plants were selected according to the availability in the surrounding environment in overall Palestine region depending on the anthropological rather than medical sources. Objectives:To create an easy way to distinguish between Palestinian herps focusing on pharmaceutical component.
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    Urea Modified TiO2 Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol-Gel Method to enhance the Photocatalytic
    (Al-Quds University - Deanship of Scientific Research, 2023-05-16) Bilal Abu Alomareen; Amal Alkahloot
    Background: Photocatalytic process is performed when the material absorbs energy from the sun, for example, or from an ultraviolet light source that is at least equal to the energy gap. Electrons move from the valence band to the conduction band, so we have an electron in the conduction band and a positive hole in the valence band. The positive hole is a strong oxidizer that can oxidize particles. In this work the TiO2 nanoparticles will be prepared with different concentration of urea in order to get modified TiO2. We will also study the effect of urea modified TiO2 on the photocatalytic process.