Pathway in Enterprise Systems Engineering (PENS)

Enterprise Systems Engineering (ESE) is a multidisciplinary approach combining systems engineering and strategic management to address methods and approaches for aligning system architectures with enterprise business rules and the underlying IT architecture; development and implementation consistent with enterprise strategic objectives; and the total enterprise system and capabilities, with diverse complex subsystems. This course uses the systems engineering life cycle as a framework for linking outcome-based engineering analysis and decision making with enterprise strategic objectives, addressing methods and tools for managing complexity, determining measures of effectiveness, and assessing return on investment from an engineering perspective.

PENS addresses the Curricular Reform National Priority for Palestine and Tunisia by establishing, a new curriculum for ESE and disseminating the results. It includes teachers training and involves a strong relation to industry coming from the nature of the discipline, which enhances employability of graduates.

The overall aim of this project is to create a curriculum in ESE at Palestine and universities to be integrated in as a pathway within the existing computing programme that will be established through the project at each university (4 in total).

  • The specific objectives of the Project are:
  • To implement an innovative curriculum in Enterprise Systems Engineering, as an integrated pathway in the existing undergraduate computing programs.
  • To develop, validate and implement 8 courses and 4 case studies using student-centered adaptive eLearning contemporary education methodology.
  • To promote entrepreneurship education by developing a course in digital entrepreneurship
  • To improve the level of competencies and skills of staff in partner country universities and to provide research collaboration opportunities with EU staff.

The direct target groups of PENS are the staff, and students, of the 4 partner country institutions. PENS also aims to enhance the cooperation between universities in the region and EU partners. The EU partners of have a rich experience in multidisciplinary educational programme development in Enterprise Systems and a successful track record of previous EU projects.


Project reference number: 586301-EPP-1-2017-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.