Reducing Lipid Levels in Mothers Using Contraceptives by Herbal Extract in Gaza Strip

Al Qahwaghe, Omar
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
A contraceptive is a chemical substance used to prevent pregnancy. It produces many effects, such as increasing the level of body fats. In many cases, heart and blood diseases are not seen, however a contraceptive may worsen the patient’s condition if they already had the disease before administration of the contraceptive. A plant with high sweetening capacity attributed to its content of glycosides can be used to reduce body fat. The aim is to decrease lipid profile levels and to lower the risk factors in women using contraceptive drugs by herbal extracts. Experimental study: The experiment can be conducted two ways. One way involves extracting, purifying and analyzing the compound from the herbs by chromatographic techniques. Clinical trials: These include a test on the liver and kidney functions in nonpregnant rabbits, a test on the rabbits’ breast milk and the effect of the extract on the baby, and a test measuring the lipid profile of the rabbits four different times.