The Relationship between Contraceptive Hormone Use with Serum Lipid Profile and Electrolytes in Gazan Women

Abu Harab, Inas
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
Hormonal contraception is a birth control method that acts on the endocrine system. Some studies in pre-menopausal women using OTCs have shown minimal lipid profile changes. Other studies have shown alterations in the level of serum electrolytes with the use of injectable contraceptives. The current cross-sectional study aims to determine the relationship between contraceptive hormone use with serum lipid profile and serum electrolyte levels. The study will use data from the antenatal care units of primary healthcare centers of Ministry of Health in Gaza. Two hundred women of childbearing age attending their antenatal care appointments during the period of study will be recruited by a systematic random sampling process as participants in the study. Prepared questionnaires will be used to collect the data of the study. These questionnaires consist of five domains which include socio-demographic information, health condition, gyno-obstetric condition, history of contraceptive use and laboratory investigation results. Trained personnel will fill out the questionnaires by interviewing the women. A blood sample will be taken from the women under the supervision of the physician in the center and will be sent to the laboratory of the University of Palestine for examination. Follow up records of women could be reviewed for confirmation of some conditions related to the health of the women. All data obtained from the questionnaires, such as blood lipid profile values (HDL/LDL ratio, LDL/HDL ratio, and total cholesterol/HDL ratio) will be entered and analyzed in SPSS. Certain tests will be used in the analysis including, frequency and distribution, student t-test, and chi square test. The results of the current study may help in providing indicators for potential risks of dyslipidemia or vascular disorders associated with contraceptive use among women in Gaza.