A smart Framework for identifying the training needs of Palestinian Teachers using Data Mining Techniques

Nidaa “Mohammad Ghazi” Hasan Farhaneh
نداء "محمد غازي" حسن فرحانه
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Al-Quds University
This study aims to establish a Smart Framework that works as a system based on searching for data related to teachers of the Arabic Language, Science, Mathematics and English Language studies within specific criteria and variables, to determine the training needs by predictions through framework using data mining AI algorithm, which is necessary to enhance teacher’s performance in the classroom environment. The researcher took a sample of public school teachers in the academic year 2014/2015 AD and determined the following variables: academic qualification, specialization, stages that he teaches, an annual calendar, training courses, and their number of hours in content areas and teaching methods. The search was conducted using Angular as a JavaScript tool for the client-side (FE) in the framework and the spring boot as a server-side (BE) connected to a database MySQL and Flask Python server which is responsible for machine learning of deep neural network (DNN) as (AI) algorithm, all servers connected via (API) in Jhipster environment. Results of applying the prototype showed high effectiveness in identifying training needs to improve teachers' performance in an organized and interactive way. The researcher recommends the Ministry of Education to use this intelligent technology tool for its effectiveness in predicting needed training courses for a teacher to enhance his performance, and also to organize teacher’s data in an oriented w