The impact of siege on prevalence of depression and anxiety disorder among universities students in Gaza governorates

Ismail Ibrahim Hussien Lubbad
اسماعيل ابراهيم حسين لبد
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Al-Quds University
The study aimed to examine the impact of the siege on the mental health (anxiety and depression) of universities students in Gaza Strip. The sample consisted of 392 student from the four universities in Gaza strip by representative sample of 183 males and 209 females. The researcher used analytical descriptive design to represent the entire population of the study. The researcher used modified questionnaires and scales to achieve the goal of the study such as socioeconomic questionnaire prepared by the researcher; Siege Checklist by (GCMHP); Taylor Manifestation Anxiety Scale (TMAS); and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI-2). The results showed that 166 (42.3%) had moderate anxiety, and 62 (15.8%) of had severe anxiety. While 146 (37.2%), had moderate depression, and 12 (3.1%) of them were had sever depression. The results indicated that there were positive significant correlation between siege, anxiety and depression among the universities students. In addition, found that a significant difference in siege and depression according to sex of the study sample in favor of males. While the result found no significant differences in anxiety according to sex of the study sample. There were a significant difference in total siege and anxiety according to the type of university of Al Aqsa, Al Quds Open and Al Azhar universities.