Association of protein supplements intake and renal function among athletes in Gaza strip, Palestine

Dawoud, Mutaz
Shaheen, Mohammad
Hamash, Mohammda
Azzam, Adnan
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
Protein supplements are widely used among youth to increase muscle mass. It’s well established that using these supplements may increase the muscle mass. Meanwhile, studies indicate that increasing intake of protein has many side effects on renal function and increases renal solute loads. Few studies focus on the side effects of protein supplementations on renal functions, thus, there is a need to figure out this association in order to assess the impacts of protein supplement intake on renal function among athletes aged 18-30 years old in Gaza strip. A case-control study will be conducted on 40 subjects who attend sport clubs and take protein supplements, and 40 subjects who are on a regular diet with no protein supplements. A well- designed questionnaire was used to determine their dietary intake and eating habits, meanwhile, samples of serum were tested. All samples were also tested for Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine, Albumin and Total protein. Anthropometric measurements will be also taken. Obtained data will be analyzed by SPSS version 20.