Assessment of Personnel Fitness of the Intensive Care Unitsí Teams - Gaza Governorates

Mymona Sobhi. Esleem
ميمونة صبحي اسليم
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Al-Quds University
care unit (ICU) is different from other units. Its team works under stressful situations within a complex environment, and each member should have special criteria. This study is aimed to assess to what extent the Palestinian staff match with international criteria for ICU through four dimensions, physical fitness, competency, professional requirement and structure of ICU. The design of the study is a descriptive cross sectional one. Data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire for (172) full time doctors and nurses who work regularly in ICU in the hospitals in Gaza strip and an observation checklist for 9 health care units. The reliability of the instrument was assured; data were analyzed using SPSS (version 18). The response rate was 77.9%. About 70.9% of the participants were married and 79% have bachelor degree. The main physical fitness was 85.5%, the main competency 55.6%. There was significant relationship between competency and each of physical fitness and work place (sig. 0.0). The check list which assessed the structure of ICU revealed that all units are nearly standardized except in some areas like the space between patient beds (2.5 - 3) meters, there is no fire safety measures, and lack of some equipment like double vacuum out lit. This study recommended that a special committee should be formed from the MOH to build " national ICU standards" based on international standards. Intensive in-service education for ICU staff should be considered.