Transcending Zionism Identity and Inclusion Across the Borders of its Colonial Schema

Milhem, Zeina
Ruiz, Laura Menchaca
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Al-Quds University, Deanship of Scientific Research
The Israeli State envisions itself as first and foremost a Jewish state. Its founding narrative is that it offers refuge and safe haven to Jews from around the world, who would otherwise face discrimination. However, seen from a historical perspective, Zionism used non-European Jews as colonial tools to emancipate the European Jew. Within this process of emancipation, new Jewish identities emerged like the “New Jew” and the “Mizrahi” while others have been marginalized like the “Arab Jew”. My research explores the various ways Zionism has included and excluded Jewish groups [Arab Jew and Sephardim] in various stages of its colonial presence in Palestine. I complicate Zionism’s colonial schema through analyzing the role of the Mizrahi in advancing and hindering the process of Zionist nation-building. Through exploring Zionism’s domain of labour in Palestine, this project explores the limits of the borders and boundaries of the Zionist colonial - schema. .