The learning disabled students and incorporating the virtual museum: Analysis study

Bushra, Albadawi
Mahmood, Obaid
Yousef, Alawneh
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Students with learning disabilities are different from other students. Their rational, behavioral and physical features differ from their classmates. Therefore, the education and other extracurricular activities should be planned according to their capabilities and empower them to interact with their healthy classmates. With the advancement of science and technology, there has been a rapid increase in the development of techniques and strategies for students with learning disabilities. The study focuses on the concept that virtual applications can act as learning agents for learning disabled students.The present study has analyzed to date pieces of literature that have employed the virtual environment for learning disable students. This study has explored different educational difficulties of learning disabled students and analyze the literature incorporating the virtual museum to cope with their disabilities. This study used a retrospective approach to explore different learning disabilities. Consequently, the application of advanced information technology techniques such as virtual environment or virtual museums to educate learning disabled students immensely impacts the interaction of disabled students with healthy students in a positive way. Based on this search's findings, it is clear that the use of virtual environments as a virtual museum for students with learning disabilities shows promise.Furthermore, virtual technology offers a healthy and fun atmosphere for students with learning disabilities to learn social skills such as mutual contact.
learning disabilities , virtual museum , advanced information technology , educational difficulties , omputer simulations