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American Foreign Policy Relation with World Trade and it Position toward World Trade Organization as Example ( 1995-2005)

dc.contributor.advisorمحمد النيرب
dc.contributor.authorوسام خالد يوسف الاغاar
dc.contributor.authorWesam Khaled Yousef Alaghaen
dc.description.abstractThis research examines the role of American Foreign policy toward world trade and its role in establishing the World Trade Organization (WTO). The study embarks on analyzing the American foreign policy strategies and challenges that emerged after the end of the Cold War era and entering the Globalization era. It also examines the importance of international trade in the strategies of American foreign policies to achieve American interests. The research discusses the exercising of American political thought and philosophy in shaping world trade system and designing the activities of the World Trade Organization to serve American interests and to achieve American world superiority. The main components of these thought is: liberty, individualism, the role of government, and private property. The study discussed the role of these thoughts in determining the American foreign policy towards liberation of international trade. The research traces the effect of these thoughts in American history ,and show the interaction between congress , executive branch ,and interest group in formulating American foreign policy toward international trade, and how it is used for the interest of American hegemony. The study main question is: To what extent the American political thoughts used to formulate World Trade Organization to serve American interests. The research employed descriptive analysis and historic methodology. The research study also reviewed the role of American political thought and philosophy in establishing an American political system based on the foundation of political capitalism, and the role played throughout the American history in shaping the life of American society and the process of decision making in various American institutions in the issue of world trade. The study concluded that trade has a significant importance in directing American policies. On the aftermath of the Cold War era more emphasis has been given to liberating world trade and establishing the World Trade Organization that enabled the United States to include the liberation of services and respect of Intellectual Property in the framework of the organization that would serve American economic interests and the American policies in completion of establishing new world order that ensures American world superiorityen
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectالدراسات الاقليميةar
dc.subjectRegional Studiesen
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleعلاقة السياسة الخارجية الأمريكية بالتجارة الدولية وموقفها من منظمة التجارة العالمية كنموذج ( 1995-2005)ar
dc.titleAmerican Foreign Policy Relation with World Trade and it Position toward World Trade Organization as Example ( 1995-2005)en
dc.contributor.examinerمحمود الأستاذ
dc.contributor.examinerمخيمر أبو سعدة

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