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Geoelectrical Investigation for Possible Artificial Groundwater Recharge Site in Al-Jiftlik / Wadi Al-Faria

dc.contributor.advisorعامر مرعي
dc.contributor.advisorد. عبد الرحمن تميمي
dc.contributor.authorاسامة خالد عبد المجيد بحرar
dc.contributor.authorosama khaled abdul majid baharen
dc.description.abstractAl-Faria watershed is located in the northeastern region of the West Bank. The watershed extends for 30 km from Nablus in the west to the Jordan River in the east, with area of 331 km2 .Wadi Al-Faria area is considered an important agricultural resource in Palestine. Fresh water is scarce in Palestine, and especially in Al-Faria area. Since more than three million cubic meters of fresh water flow in the Wadi during winter months, the idea of this research is to store this good quality fresh water in underground with minimum negative quality impact and to make it possible for extraction during summer time when demand reach the highest peak. Through Vertical Resistivity Sounding, the underground lithological profile with a depth up to 150 m is constructed. The investigated site locates in the lower part of Al-Jiftlik area, and cover an area of 1.5 k 2m. A gravel layer with 20 m thick, and located by 20 m depth, with total volume of 30X106 cm could be to store 8-10 mcm. Deep infiltration ponds or injection wells are recommended to be used in ground water artificial recharge because of low hydraulic conductivity ( 38.9 x10-6 m/s) that dominate the soil cover and remnants of Lisan formation, which locate in some locations very close to the surface which could influence the quality of infiltrated water through this method. The hydrochemistry of the groundwater of the area shoes its un suitability for domestic purposes, since it's EC is very high (≈4.0 mS/cm), and the chloride concentration is range between 700 and 1000mg/Len
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectالدراسات البيئيةar
dc.subjectEnvironmental Studiesen
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleالتحريات الجيوكهربائية لموقع التغذية الاصطناعي للمياه الجوفية في الجفتلك / وادي الفارعةar
dc.titleGeoelectrical Investigation for Possible Artificial Groundwater Recharge Site in Al-Jiftlik / Wadi Al-Fariaen
dc.contributor.examinerد. سعيد الخياط

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