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Improve and assiment of palestinain food import

dc.contributor.advisorابراهيم عفانة
dc.contributor.authorمعن خليل صالح السروجيar
dc.contributor.authorMAAN KHALIL SALEH ALSROUJIen
dc.description.abstractThis study has aimed at studying the Palestinians system for importing stuffs and identifying all parties related to this system whether they are governmental or non-governmental and also recognizing the stages that the trader pass through from the beginning of importing until the goods reach the stores of the trader before displaying them in the market. It has also aimed at assessing and developing this system through answering the following questions: What are the governmental institution that are related to importing food.1 in Palestine? What are the non-governmental and local institutions that are relevant.2 to importing stuffs in Palestine? ؟ What are the crossing points among these governmental institutions.3 ؟ What is the effectiveness of the governmental institutions in controlling.4 food importing stuffs which aren’t complied the imported Palestinian system? Is it possible to build a system for importing food stuffs in Palestine.5 through a unified outlet? For answering these questions, the researcher has used a studying tool, that iscomparing the Jordanian importing food system and the Israeli importing food system with Palestinian one, then using the Jordanian system as a reference for this comparison.This study has farmed a challenge for the researcher as it unique and this thing has made it. More difficult task as there isn’t any possibility for making use of other previous studies that are related to this subject, so he depended a Jordanian and Israeli system as previous studies and as a tool for comparing and deducing recommendations for developing the Palestinian system for import food stuffs. This study has been conducted on the ministries and the private sector institutions in the west bank that are related to system and they are: . The Ministry of National Commerce.1 . The Institution of Measurement and.2 . The Ministry of Health.3 . The Ministry of Agriculture.4 . Palestinian Shipping Council.5 In addition to visited the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and also visiting: . Food and Drug Association.1 . The Ministry of Agriculture.2 . The Ministry of Industry and Trade. 3en
dc.publisherAL-Quds Universityen
dc.publisherجامعة القدسar
dc.subjectالسياسات والاداره الصحيةar
dc.subjectPolicies & Health Managementen
dc.subject.otherرسالة ماجستيرar
dc.subject.otherدراسات علياar
dc.subject.otherHigher Studiesen
dc.subject.otherMaster Thesisen
dc.titleتقييم وتطوير نظام استيراد الغذاء في فلسطين /الضفة الغربيةar
dc.titleImprove and assiment of palestinain food importen
dc.contributor.examinerصالح صوالحة
dc.contributor.examinerمحمد السيد

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