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    دور المقاومة الشعبية في التنمية السياسة في الضفة الغربية 2002-2012
    ( 2013-05-26) وفاء احمد محمود ابو جبارة ; Wafa Ahmad Abu-jabara
    The Role of the popular resistance in political development of the west Bank 2002-2012". Student: Wafa Abu-jabara Supervisor: Dr. Naïf Jarrad Abstract It Has been conducted over a period of time from April to December 2012. It represents the civilians of the west bank who participated in the popular resistance activities in the areas that face the Apartheid wall and from land confiscation for settlement expansion during the target period of time. The objectives of this study are: to describe the role of popular resistance in West Bank, analyze how it relates to enhancing the leading role of masses, show its impact on promoting the political awareness and to figure out, and to what extent the popular resistance is accepted as a form of struggle during the target period of time. The importance f this study emerges from the importance of its subject in the Palestinian cause, also, it is among the early papers that focus on the popular resistance in enhancing the political participation. Moreover, its statistical results might become a reference for decision makers. The descriptive-qualitative approach has been adopted to achieve the objectives. Questionnaire was constructed to collect data. It was distributed on the reprehensive sample. The statistical program (SPSS) was used to analyses the collected data and the results were interpreted in to tables and charts. Beside, the researcher interviewed random sample of the target group to investigate their opinions and attitudes. The results showed that the popular resistance plays a central role in reinforcing the political development in west Bank through enhancing the political participation. It also strengthen the civilian loyalty and unity against occupation which push the political force to take action. In addition, the results showed that Palestinian consider the popular resistance the most suitable form of struggle during this stage. On the other hand, the result showed the governmental support did not improve popular resistance; on the contrary, it had a negative effect on it. The study came up with a group of recommendations summarized in: the popular committee need for a comprehensive evaluation in order to redefine and figure out the weaknesses, so it will be ready to develop a comprehensive strategy op political struggle using all forms of resistance focusing on the most suitable forms, then, to call the masses to consider popular resistance as a way of life which will turn every citizen in to an efficient factor to frustrate the occupation strategies, through generalizing the official and popular boycott for the Israeli products.
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    أسعار اللحوم الحمراء في الضفة الغربية والعوامل المؤثرة عليها
    (AL-Quds University, 2019-03-18) محمد صبري رشاد مناصرة ; Mohammed Sabri Rashad Manasra ; ابراهيم عوض ; عزمي الاطرش ; محمود الجعفري
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    واقع الثقافة الريادية وعلاقتها بأبعاد الريادة الأخرى في كلية المهن التطبيقية/ جامعة بوليتكنك فلسطين
    (AL-Quds University, 2019-04-21) نور خالد محمود بحر ; Noor Khaled Mahmoud Bahar ; ثمين هيجاوي ; احمد حرزالله ; محمد عوض
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    دور جمعية الهلال الأحمر الفلسطيني في تعزيز صمود المواطن الفلسطيني في المناطق المهمشة
    (AL-Quds University, 2019-06-15) صفاء رشيد درويش عمير ; Safa Rasheed Drweesh Imair ; سعدي الكرنز ; عزمي الأطرش ; يوسف أبو فارة
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    أثر سلوك المستهلك الفلسطيني على القرار الشرائي للمنتج المحلي في الصناعات الغذائية
    (AL-Quds University, 2019-05-08) روان رائد ابراهيم الهريمي ; rawan raed ibrahem alhremi ; عزمي الأطرش ; إبراهيم عوض ; أحمد حرز الله