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  • The Effects of Social Influence Factors on Income Tax Evasion among the Palestinian SMEs 

    Alkhatib, Amjad Abdallah; Abdul-Jabbar, Hijattulah; Abuamria, Faeyz; Rahhal, Akram (School of Computer Science, Colorado Technical University, USA, 2019-12-24)
    The phenomenon of tax evasion has proved to be a common challenge across both the developing and developed countries. This may be considered a vital threat to national revenue of any government, and results in fiscal ...
  • السلوك الصحي لدى طلبة الكليات العلمية في جامعة القدس في ضوء بعض المتغيرات 

    قباجة, زياد محمد محمود; عبد الحافظ محمود سلامة, كمال (جامعة القدس المفتوحة عمادة البحث العلمي و الدراسات العليا, 2018-04-30)
    هدفت الدراسة إلى التعرف على السلوك الصحي لدى عينة من طلبة الكليات العلمية في جامعة القدس في ضوء بعض المتغيرات ( الجنس، والمستوى الأكاديمي، ومستوى التحصيل)، وتكونت عينة الدراسة من(360) طالبا وطالبة من الكليات العلمية في ...
  • Life Orientation among Palestinians 

    Banat, Bassam Yousef Ibrahim (2019-11-19)
    Life orientation (Lo) is an inter-disciplinary topic that is embedded in various disciplines of social science, education, arts, and humanities. Over the past decades, scholars and researchers have shown increased interest ...
  • Pure Isolates and Preparative HPLC Fractions or Crude Extract of Inula viscosa: Effect on β-hematin Inhibition in vitro 

    Abu-Lafi, Saleh A; Akkawi, Mutaz; Abu-Remeleh, Qassem; Jaber, Suhair; Qutob, Mutaz; Lutgen, Pierre (2018-01-01)
    The antimalarial activity of wild Inula viscosa (I. viscosa) plant leaves was investigated. The efficacy of the whole crude extract versus preparative HPLC fractions versus pure isolates were compared by measuring their ...
  • A pyoderma gangrenous‑like cutaneous leishmaniasis in a Libyan woman with rheumatoid arthritis: a case report 

    Al‑Dwibe, Hamida; Amro, Ahmad; Gashout, Aisha; El‑Zurghany, Ali; El‑zubi, Said; El‑Hashme, Mohamed; Hamarsheh, Omar; Maree, Mokhtar (BMC, 2018-03-01)
    Background: Several case reports describe diseases presenting with skin ulcerations, which resemble pyoderma gangrenosum especially in immune-compromised patients, often proven on further workup, to have an infective ...

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