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  • Relationship between Innovation and Performance among Palestinians Firms 

    Sayyad, Nermeen (Learning Gate, 2020-10-05)
    This paper explores the relationship between the performance and innovation in Palestinian firms. The main goal was to see the impacts of knowledge creation or investment in shaping innovation at different business components ...
  • Korrektur eines skelettal offenen Bisses mit kombiniertem Therapiekonzept 

    Wattad, N.; Abu- Hussein, M.; Awad, O.; Proff, P.; Abu Younis, M. (2020-10)
    Die zunehmende Zahl erwachsener Patienten mit behandlungsbedürftigen Bissanomalien macht es angesichts des abgelaufenen skelettalen Wachstums und der somit fehlenden Möglichkeit zur therapeutischen Wachstumsbeeinflussung ...
  • Enhance the Stability of Traditional Concentrated Yoghurt using Natural Antioxidants Additives 

    Ayyad, Ziad; Qurie, Muhannad; Natshe, Amal Odeh; Sawalha, Saleh; Alrimawi, Fual (Oriental Scientific Publishing Company, 2020-11-20)
    The stability of virgin olive oil (VOO) used as a packing medium for traditional concentrated Yoghurt decreased during time and the product could deteriorate during the storage time. In this investigation, different natural ...
  • رسم السنة النبوية طريق الاستنباط من القرآن الكريم 

    مطلق محمد عساف, محمد (2020-09-02)
    تتناول هذه الدراسة جانبًا من جوانب استقلال السنة النبوية في التشريع، وتهدف إلى بيان الوجوه التي ترسم السنة النبوية من خلالها طريق الاستنباط من القرآن الكريم؛ ليسير المجتهد على هذا الطريق ويتوصل من خلاله إلى الأحكام الشرعية ...
  • The Achievement of Both Justice and Consent in Financial Transaction Contracts 

    Assaf, Mohammad Motleq Mohammad (2020-10-20)
    This study clarifies that the basis on which contracts are established is mutual consent, whereby property shall not be taken away from a person without their consent. The indication of mutual consent is the apparent wording ...

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